This blog is for English language learners everywhere who would like to increase their vocabulary, hone their communication skills, and generally improve their English–and have fun doing it.

I am a Lecturer in English as a Second Language at the Maryland English Institute (University of Maryland, College Park), and a member of Webheads in Action, an international community of EFL/ESL teachers who enjoy using internet tools to enhance English language learning. I would like to thank the webheads for sharing these wonderful websites.

If you try out any of the ideas here, please leave a comment to let me (and others) know how it worked for you.

Nina Liakos


5 Responses

  1. It will take me a while to study the compiliation of resources here, but this is VERY helpful.

    It takes time to write clear commentary, and I appreciate yours.


    • Hello Raushan,
      Learning to speak correctly and fluently is a challenge. I think the best way is to practice with other people. If you cannot find English speakers (native or non-native) where you live, there are ways to find people online, but it is harder to find online opportunities to practice speaking than it is to find online opportunities to practice reading or listening. If you have Skype or Google Talk or another VoIP application, you may be able to find some people to chat with. Good luck!

  3. my name is saeed,I student I want to be laern English with Beginer

    • Dear Saeed,
      Thank you for visiting my blog! I don’t post here often, but there are already several suggestions for beginners. Click on Beginning in the list to the left to find them. Good luck!
      Nina Liakos

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