ESL Blues

ESL Blues‘ main page has lots of quizzes and exercises for low-to-high intermediate level students. Most of them concern grammar, but there are some links to reading and vocabulary exercises and quizzes as well. There is also a section called “Common Errors Explained” which focuses on topics like do vs. make and adjectives ending in -ed and -ing, which even advanced students still struggle with.  The quizzes supply the correct answers if you make a mistake; sometimes, you are given the rule as well. My personal favorites are the “double quizzes,” which combine grammar quizzes and trivia quizzes. Do you want to know which English king died on the toilet? Take the first Pot Luck double quiz and find out!


2 Responses

  1. i am preparing for bank so i want to improve my english at an extent point .i have some problem in comprehention ,what should i do for it .
    please tell me

  2. Dear Sana,
    There are so many opportunities to practice your English skills! Besides all of the ideas I have given here, check out Nik Peachey’s ideas on his blog, which is updated much more frequently than mine. I think the key is to find some activities you like to do and which seem helpful, and stick to those for a while. When you get bored with one thing, try something different. You can’t do everything we suggest. The important thing is to do something, every day if you can. Good luck!

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